Use Case: Bat

That's the second time I've run into a food segment on study material, but the first I've seen it lead into a news segment on 日本語-汉语 learning.

Explain this repeat of a keyword, Dubious Tool, because it wasn't mine the last several times I sent feedback about it, and it isn't mine now. Who else, for the sake of your business model, are you going to mess with that doesn't deserve it? (Silly question - business is business, after all.)

I would have compared one woman's defense of a criminal with another situation, except I actually agree with help towards legal citizenship. Which is sadder, that she's using her stepson's illegalities for political points, or that there's enough of her husband's constituency who will play along? (Huh - I wonder if those detained for non-violent crimes can access directly that specific form of legal aid. Although do, in fact, take unfit-before-stroke home and stay there.)

(Adding this reference on when the stroke took place.)

Oh, you "don't want to hear all the" what? What Mr. Puff-Don't-Pass did? (I should probably add the word 'allegedly,' for the time being. How clear is the implication of /s?) At any rate, thank you for sparking a memory - my, does this article fit. (Let me guess, you're deaf to this information as well.)

I had thought to contrast a pair of articles earlier, but I've found a third since that shows the difference between financial situations that could exist and financial conditions that do, thanks in part to a vote bribe that helps fewer people than it was hyped to. (Boom.)

Adding more weather eyes on брат and 兄弟.

Ending with this because if the process entails collecting knowledge specific to a field, applying that knowledge to existing use cases, and then using imagination to expand the boundaries, it sounds like one could replace "physicist" with nearly anything.

(Bruce is the hyena?)

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