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TL; DR again?

The physical body and the choice of how to socialize are two different things. Learning to cook or use power tools or study STEM, for example, are not situations that should be determined by genitalia. However, operations and hormones used to force a physical change because of the inability to accept oneself is the opposite of self-care, and forcing oneself into places where others have their literal and figurative pants down is selfish, not to mention a violation in itself.

From what I've read, the initial issue was one woman's belief in biology, and a seeking to discuss between opposing points of view, not the denial of a choice or of the existence of factors that would create variations in the norm. I question the reasoning behind her removal, and the branding of support for her stance as a betrayal. (Also, I'm keeping the books.)

And for me, the media reasoning that seeks to defend such an imbalanced view so rigidly is beyond question-questioning-questionable.

(Though it does bring up the question of bathrooms again. How common are singleton bathrooms in commercial areas, the sort that are large enough to hold a wheelchair or a stroller? What percent of a population, including trans people, people with injuries or chronic conditions that would require equipment and/or a caretaker, or people with young children, could use such a room? How difficult and/or expensive are those to add to older or existing buildings?)

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