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Today, in the dancing shadows on the wall

Among the recommended stories about incest, aliens, and cosmetics (what probe got up this aggregator's algorithm to consider that an interest of mine?), there are a few pieces that I still found worth a read.

There's a history lesson even in the sort of analysis memes put out (glad to see these makers recognize the cafeteria-level effort those take to craft). I'd no idea about the 54th Massachusetts until their memorial was vandalized, so thanks for that. A pity that, in order to apologize, so many statues are being taken down - it might have been interesting to learn more about this one.

It's a pleasure to see the bits of reform under way in the crook-bearer's administration. Finally. Even if it took outsiders to point out which parts of his organization was selling what, or who among his people he sold out to advance with the 中国共产党. I'll keep watching to see what comes of the exhortations he's made, considering the community to which he's linked considers condemnation bog standard and slaps as praiseworthy, and to see what under-the-cassock mess he'll have to apologize for next.

I find myself giggling at planes carrying ninja weapons. It's a more wholesome laugh than the pettiness of OMG-water-stairs-gasp brings about, and certainly more wholesome than the memory of a foreign COVID ward being passed off as a local one. (Post misleading video, apologize, repeat - thanks for the precedent.)

There's plenty enough to rail against, but right now, I'd rather look forward to that nature show on snakes - it'll be interesting to keep track of how many talking heads show up.

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