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I'll just leave these links here, and these two as well. I'd very much like to use the proposed idea about social media posts, if nobody minds, if only to keep a record of the spirit it demonstrates. It's a wonder how photographers got Dorian Gray's portrait on a magazine cover. (Before I forget - that burn had 10 Ns in total, didn't it?)

Here, Dorian - another name for the list, seeing as this person's speaking up about ballot issues you've stopped listening to.

I mean, if Ms. Gray's going to stop listening even to her own, opponents don't need a narrative for something that's doing a fine job tearing itself apart.

And I rather thought that there were 70 million people with their own reasons for their choice, possibly but not necessarily including voting against those who make a living off lies, against those who choose to report chaos over peace talks, and against those who actively call for hateful acts against half of their neighbors. No, I for one voted against the sort of division sown by corruption standard with makeup on, both the endorsed candidate who clearly went unheard as well as the impatient one. (Speaking of hateful acts, there's no need to burn anything down - just let nature and cigarettes take their expected course.)

In the meantime, here's wondering how many of these guys 微软 keeps on the payroll, and how this case is going. (That second article links to a reminder I want to keep handy, one regarding a similar case.) Also taking this opportunity to remind myself where the first cases of the pandemic were reported, and how outside cases were connected to an international competition at the same place.

On a more cheerful note, I'm really enjoying how this particular set of reruns reflect the state of the audience. If I'm right, the corrected dialogue would be "我说日文很好." (I should add that, while 花嫁ーさん is my favorite character, I don't do bleach.)

The D in parentheses has to stand for something other than a party designation, Dorian, for a democratic socialist who said out loud that a $1 billion cut wasn't enough to then be able to say out loud that nobody campaigned on socialism or defunding.

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