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Today's meander through the headlines

- Huh. Apparently my life has a hashtag. I might agree on how it emphasizes what matters, but I'm rather fond of the umbrella term that includes all human lives rather than separate hashtags that fragment these lives by color.

This ugliness comes in as many colors as purses do because it's human, and physical attacks are a more blatant, direct display of that. (Manipulation within political, legal, and media systems are other, less direct means to that same end.) Those displays are plenty enough reason to balance out one's information intake with articles like these (paella I get, but ube?), and I'd rather keep any source that can provide that balance. (Even a cable opinion network. Heavy sigh.)

- How is history's one-sidedness a surprise to those who have the resources to present it as such?

- Regarding the not-an-upgrade making decisions like this, or choosing the people to whom these decisions are delegated, Wayne over Luthor every time, no matter what side of the aisle humans sort a fictional character onto.

- BTW, if Aesop's fable is the reference for the message in these articles (c'est qui?), the statement is nearly accurate for once, and 豺狼 need no excuse. (On that note, looks like there's some general confusion on animals over yonder.)

- Bonus animal pun - 和谐 河蟹.

- Something worth considering when it comes to the relationship between one's diet and the environment in which it's produced. TL; DR, I like meat and plants.

- Ending with this because new-to-me isn't always new, but I'm all for the learning.

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