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Today's reasons for a chocolate binge

This spelling question came up last night - is it 'double standard' or 'double standards?' Let me see if I understand this - "Be Not Afraid" dogma is fine in political ads, but not in a jurist? Since you can't see me, I'm rolling my eyes (that show is still so much fun) at another crass display of just what values are preferred, where it's fine for a leftist to do something, but it's somehow frowned upon for a conservative to do the same. However much I'd agree with this, I might consider being more sincere in my thanks for it if I didn't think it was just another performance. Maybe this article is right to question the sanity of this environment, and I think I can allow myself a snicker at the comparison of a religious group to a fictional cult. (What, no search results on this grim truth, sickles?)

Oh, and remembering this bit of year-old news makes this sound less like interference and more like the answer to a pro-democracy call for help against an authoritarian government whose citizens count among their number those in a nightmare, and where learning for their own good is becoming less and less their own choice. (I'm sure those closer to the news in this area can pinpoint where and how the bookstore saga fits in this timeline.) From what I read in these articles, Mandarin is already in regular use in the area where language is in dispute, meaning the expansion of its use in schools does look less about ensuring understanding across a large population and more about pushing out minority languages to ensure a regime's grip. (Also looks jolly well politicized, I'd say.)

Also also, here's a little collection to remind myself (if no one else) that although I'm not as keen as some on burning down the system, the tentacle beast sure is making a loud argument in favor of an overhaul.

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