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Tonight's broadcasts

There was something on the radio earlier about a Preferred Nations clause in relation to medicine costs. What I gathered from the broadcast is that, if one country pays a much lower rate for medication, the Preferred Nations clause allows another country to reduce the rate it pays for the same medication to that lower rate. If I've got that right, it seems an important issue no matter which political animal one backs, but whose work was that? Please tell me - the emotive speeches didn't say.

Speaking of speeches, one thing I'm appreciating now is the ability to enjoy a film that depicts a much-respected stammerer despite the knowledge that one of its producers is the prime example of toxic celebrity misogyny. Its appearance in the lineup couldn't be a tie-in to a candidate known for stammering and sniff tests, could it?

And which financial system is it - this or this? If it's the first, then the commentator's lying, and he's off to a re-education camp; if it's the second, the commentator's telling the truth and he's off to a re-education camp.

Considering the shared values between east and west, I wonder what the curriculum will be for any camps set up here.

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