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Tonight's reading

Misspelled captions and dialogue identified as gibberish might prompt me to consider that a captioner's unfamiliar with the poem Jabberwocky (didn't I just post this refurbished thing?). However, since a search engine is an ubiquitous enough aid to a poor memory or an inaccessible script, I'm wondering how difficult it is for the captioner to access that aid when the movie title is on screen and the captioner has to use a computer to add subtitling to an adaptation of an out-of-copyright children's classic. (What, you lot get rid of this book too? Flipping callooh, callay - do better, mouse.)

Now to the point. I've heard the term "mutual respect" (pff) used in those trade deals from two years ago. Weren't those the trade deals that were delayed and delayed and delayed until... where are they now?

I went back to the dictionary I used last time the term "mutual respect" came up. That time, the terms I picked up were:

- 举案齐眉 (mutual respect in a marriage, raising a tray to eyebrow level - similar idea to いただきます?) and

- 相敬如宾 (treating each other as a guest, mutual respect in a marriage)

If Confucian hierarchical ideals are still standard for the sort of marriage above, then the term using "guest" is the one I chose to fit any situation between two countries. That joke about "peaceful coexistence" added some new information to the mix, though. Further down that list of definitions was:

- 和平共处 五项 原则 (Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence)

Oh my, I'm laughing harder now.

  1. mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty,

  2. mutual non-aggression,

  3. mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs,

  4. equality (still there, 微软) and mutual benefit, and

  5. peaceful co-existing.

君子报仇, 十年不晚, and it's only been two since the deals. 十年 君子 脱空汉 不要 和平共处. (For that second sentence, I'm not certain I have the first three terms in an order that makes sense, but I'd like to think I've got the rough subject-verb-object in the right places.)

Any 敌害 (IME 1 this time) looking for people to please it had best be prepared for those looking for the "mutual" bit.

- Considering those who scrap books and keep around Madam "Pass the bill to find out," it's not a surprise to see who chooses to view reading as "pointless." If you can't do better, sickles, there are journalists who still think it's worth the fight to do so.

- From the looks of this, that bit on the Dalai Lama looks like it's meant to counter 敌害's influence. I've got others on why the term "person" is used rather than "citizen" (369), or if there are any further slimdowns or eliminations that could have been made on foreign aid packages. Also, here's a link that relates to what I heard on that conference call - enjoying something isn't the same as needing it (cough-new-museums-from-last-time-cough).

- Ending with this because suck it, detractors - cats are awesome.

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