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Tough first day?

- "Wow, just further affirmation of complete incompetence."

Who's engaging in information warfare here, and how does one bring those people back into the mainstream of fact-based reporting? I should perhaps be grateful for the update, even if it only looks like it was made because the sickles had piled on this story so eagerly that shadow retractions weren't an option. Must be "liberating" to be permitted to do something that was condemned in another.

I'm thinking perhaps this new fellow ought to get as much of a break as his predecessor did, and just as much scrutiny. I mean, if he and his are still on the payroll somewhere else (still there, 微软), shouldn't these security concerns be sorted?

- If I'm summarizing this correctly, the argument here is that anything less than enthusiastic participation by a person warrants an accusation of bigotry against that person. Bigotry isn't the word for the pattern I'm seeing in these recommendations.

- I've mentioned before something about the mess that is enabling protections for one group resulting in a disadvantage for another (relevant, these, I think), so I'll keep an eye on who's got more of a hold on the muzzle.

These numbers are earned. Good luck improving them.

Ending the post with this bit of fun.

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