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Toying with the aggregator

If the discussion in this article was about how to implement and enforce the requested no-fly zone, I'd like to think that's a good sign. (Ran across 'bla bla bla' alongside it in the feed and found the article was an accurate reflection of the term.)

Any weapon has about as much intent as a rock or a pointed stick - either can be used as barriers and as projectiles. Defensive weapons can be used as offensive weapons, though I agree that those listed lend themselves more easily to offense. The differences between the physical objects named are size and speed, and their uses (defensive or offensive) are determined by those who choose where they're placed, where they're driven, and how to wield them. (While I'm thinking of it, how are those "Spanish" studies coming along?)

Adding this because maybe there's something here that can be applied further north.

Digression - with years of covering up information to protect a then-candidate, is it any wonder why the current output of legacy media fits the term? Despite my irritation, I would be gratified to continue receiving news on the results of what these organizations promoted and voted for. (If the term 'stuck' comes up in relation to that laptop, a read-through of the news is enough reminder of who is where - currently, now, presently - in part as a result of the story's concealment.)

Adding this because "taking advantage of other's difficulties" sounds rather like projecting.

(Adding this here because it doesn't quite need its own post. For one, below it is a comment I agree with more than I do the article itself; and for another, I offer this second article to contrast. The dictionary adapted, not to a lack of elegance or eloquence, but to a lack of clarity. If the audience can't see the speaker's meaning, then the communication's pointless.)

Ending with this because curiosity continues.

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