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Trading techniques, I see.

Y'know, I don't see many burnouses on screen. Are they traditionally a guy thing?

Much thanks for information I was missing last I saw this topic around. Still not a convincing argument, but an understandable one. Not something I can say for this argument (吃 or 喝?) when tied to this info - then again, I have a feeling the cannon fodder thing's a rerun, so "trade" might be the wrong term. (Facts and feelings combine in #5.)

Adding this because it's interesting to see what a community chooses to support, especially considering the results. (I ought to add that it's a nice theory, that peer pressure thing.)

Adding these articles to reflect what disparate halves of a community do support (and thank you for acknowledging it's your site's poll, #2).

Ending with this because <whistle>.

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