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Elephant analogy?

Knowing study material is from vocab 台湾, I wonder if the text I'm stumbling through in the chyrons and the odd caption is simplified or traditional. I'm hazarding a guess here that the speech matches simplified, but the text is traditional. Hang on, just hit 见 versus 見, so I'm a bit more certain in my guess. (And coverage does use 女王. And, if I heard the dialogue correctly in the context of une fille et son petit léon, is 兄妹 an abbreviation for 兄弟姐妹? And since 電影 is in the context of took-you-long-enough-to-counter-金融家-with-that-jacket-flag-issue, and 电影 is simplified, I'm entirely certain now.)

It's interesting to watch how people make justifications for the actions of those who head their administration. It's just as interesting to watch how those justifications fall away when those heads celebrate nonexistent victories or fob their mess off elsewhere. (One network made the choice to change the color because of the settings it received from another, so the Schismatic Sundowner has company in that fobbing.)

If ever Mr. Lomax had the moves, he's lost them long ago; if there's any compassion in the aftermath of a leaky border, it's due to others shouldering the results of a retconner's laxity; and not even those that prop them up can hide these issues anymore. One can only call a leg a tree if the leg doesn't move.

I wonder if it would be considered animalistic of them to continue, and if it's understandable for me to continue choosing cats instead.

Ending with this because it's soothing.

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