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Truth is beauty.

Every day I receive another reminder to trust my own perception over what I read. No, what I just saw and heard wasn't sarcasm. But he's not the one who mentioned cleaner or bleach, and he's not the one who screeched about it for days afterward. Correcting the language to reflect the original "disinfectant" doesn't change the effort to discredit a person into something less insidious, and such efforts are no laughing matter.

I could continue this post by musing on other questions at greater length. One example is, what happened to listening to the doctors? I can accept when a prominent one collaborates in order to raise morale through entertainment, but to call another part of the problem when that doctor doesn't hold the same view is telling of just how much value "listening to doctors" holds. (Here, let me try my hand at insidious - it gives me no pleasure to say that the original quote sounds like a politely worded version of "No, no, nooo, you gotta say he's wrong now!" Is that meant to be a childish tantrum or just plain hangry? ...I think I hit sarcastic as well.)

Another example is, what happened to supporting freedom of speech? This article was what pointed the way to this one, but for such lofty minds to condone censorship over counter-arguments is telling of just how much damage a high-powered degree can do. (I don't need to get into the stories about their colleagues who have found themselves under arrest.)

But among recommendations on smoking and vaping and meteors are admonishments to forget the past. Even though that past was mere days ago and even though its effects continue today as well as into the foreseeable future. However, these articles are a reminder that by their own weights and measures have critics proven themselves wanting. (Don't like those truths? Self-soothe with a huff puff pass.)

On a brighter note, recipes in the recommendations are now available in the form of produce that's been restocked, and shall be cored, shredded*, fermented in brine, and delicious with meat and dairy products. May such bounty continue through the efforts of those who would see things otherwise.

* And smashed with a hammer. If a milder-flavored form of catharsis is sought, try a souffle - pour all that restless rage into getting the egg white to soft peaks with a wire whisk, but not too much, or they'll break. (I absolutely do not speak from experience. I also like lemon in the egg yolks.)

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