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Tube and Dube

Today's rerun shows building a settlement away from the towns, shielding it with farce and redirected flight paths, that protection of innocence only lasted for one-ish generation. And dude, if one can see a person's face in a reflection in the glass door, my guess is that person can see that glass door move.

There's always something that points to what is left unsaid, and I'd rather leave the 钳制 to the 豺狼.

Whether legislators know or not the history of the philosophy some of their constituents support, it must be handy to have someplace nearby that relays that history to all visitors. Vocab 香港 has to be in there as well, and I'd be surprised if there isn't a part of it that covers more contemporary examples. (Y'know, I've not read much about this new place in more mainstream publications - did I miss something?)

Adding this as a reminder of what's needed on this side of the Ring.

Adding the following for those who are afraid of the fallout doing their jobs will draw to them, or who have given up on the people meant to support them in those jobs; and for those in the target audience that's jumping ship en masse. One may not bury one's head in the sand, or anything else, with these results; nor can one drown them out with applause as plastic as the people associated with it. Constituents have no obligation to politicians-not-leaders who failed in their obligation to support them.

(Speaking of politicians who left off support until too late, congratulations from this apostate to a fratello on his upcoming retirement, whenever it happens.)

Adding this bit of history who lived as a man and still knew what to piss with (but hey, so long as she's happy, apparently).

Adding this (affected) because of curiosity from what, last week-ish?

Ending with this because board game adaptations are weird.

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