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Two Chained

At the risk of supporting those I'd rather not, long-ago homework for Budget Scottish Uncle means I can comfortably say this: bunnies to the boozer who lost a fight to a fella in fur. On to the show.

Haven't I seen this play before, with different countries set as the source of the pandemic that's set off the new normal? Must be difficult for legacy media to have left itself open to this sort of speculation.

(While I'm thinking of legacy media, adding these articles here because they back up an example shown in this one, as well as tying in to the radio from a couple posts back.)

It's a sandpaper reassurance to know that one of the two I refer to in the title shakes the other partner so, and slightly less sandpaper to read about those willing to supply communications. (Adding this here because there's a specific example on wheat that, for me, highlights A) that secondary position in a partnership and B) that chain.)

Thanks to my aggregators (and a no-koala search engine) for these reasons (along with still there 微软) to stay the course.

Ending with this because it stirs the memory of a dead comedian and the reason why I continue to hold that, under the right circumstances, words such as these are worthwhile to know and use.

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