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Two for two on show times

Long-term observation can trigger pattern recognition, both conscious and not, that require little in the realm of the esoteric and are expressible in words spoken and on social media; also, it was only a matter of time before another big observation for this month entered the feed. The consistency with which this pattern occurs, exemplified in this instance, is to be emulated.

(TL; DR - keep this up, so will I.)

Thanks for the reminder to keep my eye on what recommendations to screenshot, on the people who go against movements that stopped being about choice, health, and tolerance years ago. (Speaking of tolerance, wondering what would happen in this bit if the contents of the parentheses differed.)

I understand the decision to change one's voting preferences, and in Tony's case, it's one I can applaud.

Adding these articles here as a reminder of matters that make the world smaller.

Ending with this because I could do with some soup.

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