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Two more for the book list

What, another book ban? I'm tempted to get the originals in French as well, just to see what piqued such interest, and then such ire.

In an earlier post, I had a link to an article that examined a respected statesman and contemporary to Marx, one who corresponded with him and, if I remember correctly, considered some of the other man's policies while developing his own thoughts on the same topic. Incorporating aspects of another system into one's own is not the same as replacing one's own system altogether.

So if the contents of this article on yet another to-be-censored book are factual, the modern system it examines doesn't provide enough information to show more than a critical view of it, and the limits on that information are by design. If that system conceals that economic information and seeks to censor the book in question, it's hardly a convincing argument to accept a similar economic system around here.

Besides, considering the country using that system still exports its vices anyway, any new protests seem like just another rerun, in the same way as this new book ban. (Still keeping an eye on these bits of news as well. Weird how this link takes me to some clarification of part of a story, but not the story itself.)

On a side note, I wonder if keeping a role empty is a fitting memorial to the person who last filled it, since it sounded like there was a lack of inspirational leading male roles for those like him. In his life, he had help from others in his field - recasting his role could help others going forward.

Then again, it remains to be seen how fan sentiment can be molded by producers' priorities.

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