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Umbelliferocity (censored)

Eee! They're sprouting! It means a change in plans seedling-wise, but boo-yah! (Adding a note that there was a spot of damping off earlier; the fans have cut that down, and literally - the spot is smaller than it was when I found it.) I am looking forward to beefing up the borders here. And oh the timing for study material!

I know which party has consistently caved to the CCP and insists they're not the enemy, even though 'kaibigan sa lahat' is a politician's answer to a predatory regime (still there, 微软) that has gone past insisting island upon island is theirs to claim at a whim to suggesting sovereign countries separate for decades - my mistake, at least a century now - are not what they are. (你们 豺狼 匹夫 的 说话, and you do not get to memory hole this.)

I see a washed up old man whose actions devastated his country's standing and a population exhausted by wasting their energy on scapegoats. I see coverage willing to cover up bad leadership and policies that enable mass substance abuse out of - what insanity would encourage people to self-harm and call it compassion? The sort that's "at the point of 'if you can't beat them, join them?'"

I'm not a joiner.

Who's managed their constituents' well-being without turning a surplus into a deficit? Whose states have a shortage of moving trucks for those who need them, and tent cities for those who very likely need them, but haven't the resources for them? Who has an awareness of international diplomacy based on direct experience? Who has military experience from the ground up? Who in these borders can do better than the mess Carlin called out years ago? (So glad he isn't censored.)

For those sick of reading material with this vitriol, or of seeing past issues unearthed (the pictures are back, I'm glad to see), I can only offer once more the assurance of a level of respect to your sentiments equal to that implied in my feed. Call yourselves brilliant, and yet put out tech that by your own admission you can barely understand, let alone control, after proven experiments on user-products (and oh so many screenshots) have shown what such tech is capable of even without the functions more recently developed.

For all this do I have the urge to test how physically possible it is to roll one's eyes out of one's head.

Noting that I have a draft of this that's considerably less tame.

Also noting that these two are a perfect match - I respect both equally, if only because that explains where certain keywords trend from. However, I do wonder - considering the publication's target audience and 'glass and oil are slippery because mAgIc' content, is this fish-mouth using the proposed purchase to groom jaw-hammers or product for trafficking? (That was wrong. I like fish.)

Penultimate this because bye, Don. (The other song required a sign in. Oh, very well, acknowledge both.)

Ending with this because yum.

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