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It's handy to have a foreign language broadcast nearby, on which one can hear a person admit that he's prone to using insults along the lines of 'your mother.' I question whether the leadership here is capable of being as open with such faults, partly because that isn't on display in the material I see or read. (Huh. 看 does summarize the idea.)

Upon reading a recent transcript, I'm willing to consider that an ambassador might be as open with his own limitations and those of his government. "I think it is true that a lot is still unknown" does not equal "I don't know," and I think it's true that someone in such a profession would be aware of such a distinction.

However, no one person can catch every piece of news, and no one organization will cover every piece of news. ("Can" is not equal to "will.") Also, being willing to consider that a government might be subject to bad press is not the same as dismissing the idea that it's willing to use the same methods to further its own ends. That's what keeps the thoughts of all shades that warn me against trusting a community that would silence a warning voice (or however many it is at this point, since I've lost count at three for this particular case) because it seeks to control the narrative. This attempt at control isn't the sort that's in order to keep the peace, especially in a situation where no form of suppression can stop the spread of the problem.

There's a reason why a sunny, flowery movie evokes such horror in me (appropriate, since it is a horror movie) - no matter what the community may accept, there is still that sense of oh, that is so very, very wrong.

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