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Unexpected connections

Turns out, when it comes to social media, I have read it, just not the way I first thought. The information was already front and center, part of my feed and conversations, in compilations and listicles that are now marked For You on an irregular basis (a cosmetic change to one dubious tool). I've even seen a sampling of the people themselves, entirely without knowing it; even written about it in an earlier post, entirely without realizing the connection.

If certain AIs are trained on social media, and if news recommendations are AI-driven, there's a possibility that the AI that drives these dubious tools I use has been trained on social media that I don't.

At the risk of sounding combative (snicker), it's not me, it's you.

Adding this because nom-nom, TB.

Adding this because coloring outside the lines sounds like fun.

Ending with this because it's a surprising bit of light.

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