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How sweet, especially considering the situation around here, with rioting citizens, contentious legislators, rusting craft when they aren't on fire, general reduction in national standing. Clearly, there's a ways to go on the unstoppable front around here, but there's another entity in the news that fits these labels. That level of projection is almost a compliment.

If what's sought is a distraction from neighbor after neighbor banding together for the purposes of containment, it'll be difficult to find in an environment with little to do but keep an eye on the news - like dissidents in a car crash and fishermen from connected countries, for example.* I've mentioned that this country's standing in the eyes of the world is considerably lessened of late, so I'm sure that the general secretary and his government are aware (or at least have considered) that decisions other countries are taking are based on actions that can be laid at the projector's doorstep.** (Can't do this to everyone who talks about clowns.)

Other articles that caught my eye -

I'd have to learn the grammar of another language in order to communicate effectively in that language. What makes English any different? Even considering the allowances made for foreign students (STEM? really?), or tourists, or new arrivals, anyone whose English is shaky (which in itself is not a mark of a learning disability - do I have to say it?), it's plain they make that effort to communicate. What's wrong with using more casual speech at home or in conversation and using more formal language in other environments?

And before I forget, as for the other labels I came across in the news (sparrow, swan, ant) and the one I added (crocodile), would links to related recipes be an appropriate thanks?***

* 率 兽 实 人 (You know what I just found, 微软? The IME usually spits out the hanzi for the related pinyin as the first option. I wonder why that's not the case for this phrase.)

** 自食苦果

*** Carpenter ants are a thing. (Also, it looks like the answer might be yes. 掠夺者.)

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