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On ballot requests

I realize there's a rather narrow gap between this and my earlier post, but I felt it appropriate to relay my experience.

I filled out and sent my ballot request form late last week. Around here, that form contains four political parties for the primary, two of which align more closely with my views. Earlier this week, I received a ballot for a party that doesn't.

The request form also contains contact information should one have any questions. Needless to say, they have a website, but I used the phone number instead. I called the number yesterday - I was asked about my location, then I received the number to my local polling facility. (Not sure if the person I spoke to was the same one who answered when I first called that number, but thanks for the information.)

I called the second number and asked why I received the ballot I did - whether it was because I made a mistake on the request form or if there was something else to worry about. I was asked to come in to exchange the ballot I received for a new one. The explanation I heard on the phone was that my entry was unmarked, which I thought meant that I was listed without a party affiliation. The explanation I heard when I came in for a new ballot was that it was mis-marked.

This last term is the reason I decided to post again so soon - I called the local number today in order to confirm what I heard yesterday, since mis-marked could still mean that I did the mis-marking. The response I received was that it was "entered into the system incorrectly." (Their on-hold message mentioned that their calls are recorded.)

I'm inclined to think that these people are just doing their jobs in this particular instance, but I also don't have enough information to say whether or not there's some mess going on behind the scenes. Considering the situation, I think it's a better idea to vote in person.

With the proper PPE, of course. I'd say Hazmat suits are a step too far.

(I had to retype this whole dratted thing - wonder what auto-save does on this site?)

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