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Vaccine news!

How is this anything but gladsome tidings? Am I interpreting correctly this reaction to news on vaccine results? Tell me that a possible for higher office isn't considering this news a bad thing because it came out before his guy was ready. Otherwise, I'm looking at one more reason to support the 70 million. (Would think he of all people would hail a boon to nursing homes.) You think maybe, for a situation like this, they'd know enough to augment commercial distribution at this point?

Certainly makes it look like the other side, for it's clear unity's nothing more than a pretty word at this point, has no need for assistance with three out of four, Mrs. 44. One more would complete the set, wouldn't it? An attempt at claiming something developed during the administration of another would fit nicely, only it's a pity the timing's off.

Despite that, it would be churlish to deny a vaccine to another example of partisan-not-patriot. So when it comes to meds, looks like they got you on that front.

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