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Vague results

It would take a bit of looking to find somewhere to learn to surf around here, especially this time of year, but that's a place where one gets the waves one expects.

For those who stayed up, the news I read earlier today likely wasn't a surprise. Non-white groups voted otherwise than expected, despite direction from notables who share their ethnicity and state of origin; and despite noted wins within individual races, there's a reduction of a majority in one branch of government. How, then, does one explain pinning these numbers exclusively on another group of people? Could these numbers possibly reflect a disagreement on proposed policy rather than a lack of effort?

That's what comes from crafting a veritas around what's popular, not what's right - truth comes out eventually, whether or not one finds it likable.

By the way, on behalf of my eyes, I offer my deepest thanks.

Additional points:

- One vote, one sticker. Surely the concept of double votes is a trick that sells about as well as that wave thing did.

- Lately, I've seen a lot (not alot) of assuming on issues ranging from doctrinal change to voters' perceived racism. (The fifth article in this section goes some way to confirm that "anytime soon" in here, considering the publication in which the latter is featured.) An outsider's observation of how these religious and polling issues are treated suggests that those involved haven't heard about the adage surrounding the word "assume."

- Just keeping an eye on another - 伪君子? 伪善者.

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