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Vocab list and study notes 12/21

皇上不是其五火. 其六火吗? I think so - 他 是 其六火, I bet. 生母 versus 额娘 - 谷歌 说 的 不好. Huh - when does one use 能不能 as opposed to 可以不可以? 皇上 不是 其六火; 是太后. Another common tie between not-Aesop and Aesop-not-Aesop - wonder if it's a reference to recorded history or an occurrence within the court. Shoutout to translator's notes!

Huh. Thanks, I guess, to fast track to 50 for taking time to explain how this sort of mess could happen. Though in more cheerful related news, the count's going up again, and with unis in the mix this time! (The schools' news almost makes up for this foolishness at another - is it lucrative for the latter, I wonder, or is it a separate instance of pedigreed dingbattery managing perception in the applied reading material?)

Moving for the fit this look at vocab because, Gallagher, I expect something ”created by, and intended for discussion within, the IT community“ to make inroads into "university policy," "mandates," and "requirements" once its technocrats enforce its ideas of inclusivity to the point of woke. (Tangent - though the person interviewed is telling his 弟弟's stories on 熊兄弟, it's both an insight into the background of 豺狼 政权 的 掌舵 and a repudiation of the Marxism the speaker grew up under and now fights against, technocrat.)


  • this for vocab 日本, 台湾;

  • this for vocab 香港, 谷歌;

  • this for vocab 瑞士;

  • this for vocab 新西兰;

  • and this for vocab 一带一路, 非洲 (context from the study material: if I'm right, 知道是非. How long has 非洲 been a term for an entire continent, 微软?)

Adding this to root for keeping the pressure on.

Adding this as a reminder of y'all chose this rhymes with sucker.

Adding these articles because: 1) if the salmon one of 5 supports fisheries and food supplies as well as environment, I lean more toward agreeing with it - of the other four, two have more to do with the procedurals in current study material, and two are dress-level frivolous; and 2) "the omnibus is meant to bully lawmakers into passing unpopular bills by attaching them to must-pass bills under the threat of a shutdown" sounds a lot like tying fast track to 50 on to that pile. Pff - speaking of frivolous, congratulations on the self-soothing, I guess?

Adding this unexpected but welcome find that updates vocab 马拉维, 叔叔. The search keywords I used were in English, but I was looking for that documentary with the open indoor fireplace and the kids eating with 筷.

Adding this eye on still there, 微软 because I don't know much about the matter, and having read the article, I must admit I'm curious to know more.

Ending with this because not hungry.

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