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Vocabulary review 4/26

That ease in my neck is traveling a bit further down my back at these bits of news. Some of this isn't new vocabulary, but I'll list it anyway:






菲侓宾 (You think I'm using yours, 微软, you got another think coming.)

To a lesser extent, I can even find my shoulders easing with this news - vocab:


in the sense that "calm down and back off" seems to be the prevailing sentiment folk are pushing within the area. However, paired with these news ("walk softly and carry a big stick" seems an appropriate adage for the article) and 十年君子, I think it's still appropriate to keep one's guard up. (In the link on the summarized adage, there's a quote about seacraft that relates to this news.)

Oh, and these terms too:


和谐 (Oof. Ouch.)

- Memory is brief, so let me refresh it. Sorrow and anger are not excuses for abolishing institutions that the CHAZ-CHOP experiment replaced within itself when existing ones were unavailable in or prevented from entering the area. Not sure if I've said this before, but I'll say it again anyway - I find the change from "autonomous zone" to "occupied protest" is telling, like its community experienced directly the need for what was lacking in the initial choices made for that zone.

- How does this article jive with the appearance of wheelbarrows? I'm getting an image of bleached hair, pink tracksuits, and narrowed eyes above capped teeth bared as one dumps an iced coffee on another's head; fair or not, it's difficult for me to see the Cable Opinion Network playing to any audience but this, only the article in question (deftness and dexterity noted, BTW) is an attempt to soothe The Plastics rather than inflame. (Speaking of plastics - I like butter on my popcorn.)

- A reminder, to myself if no one else, of which online platform got blasted for the conflict in question, and which one didn't.

- Ending with this tonic.

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