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Walls up

Can't wait for baking weather! (OK, technically it's all baking weather, but I'm not into boiling for cookies.)

Not exactly study material, this, but the show that's on just finished discussing the 50-Cent Army and I'm guessing the pinks as well (there they are, "Little Pinks" - 你们的公主 reflects your demographics BTW). So if one news aggregator determines its top recommendations based on social media and other online interactions, and even one whose day job differs so drastically from his life has a combined pile of followers numbering in the millions, it enables this dubious tool's capacity as a cat's paw for such people. Bright side - it also provides an eye into the flow of such online interactions while limiting one's own use of them.

Shifting this to underline why 豺狼空手而归 - a softer tone is only a different approach to the same objective, and of course the objective hasn't changed. (Still there, 微软.)

Hang on, did a fundraising e-mail just ask me to contribute to a party's fiscal irresponsibility again? One does not drop one's guard when current behavior reflects past behavior. But maybe I'm supposed to feel a bit more at ease with news regarding Mr. Lomax's current team, seeing how that sundowning's managed.

TL; DR - be a sight easier to let that mess go once that mess is actually knocked the FCUK off (sweatshirt dude, you are unforgettable).

Adding these articles because keep going.

Ending with this because if it really is mosquito repellent, I wouldn't mind it as background noise.

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