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Want another accent to make fun of?

Why not try this guy? I mean, when one side of the divide's already chosen sickles, it shouldn't be such a leap for that side to demean a dissident for stumbling over his English while he recounts his experience under the sort of government they seek, is it? Then again, perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh on people mocking mistakes in the speech of others - after all, if one finds it more acceptable to follow the example of the sort of folk who bail out (ahem) protesters*, then isn't it also acceptable to mold one's choices based on the stars' say-so? (Considering the statements that precede these question marks, is this punctuation going to be scary now?)

Meanwhile, this whining's going on (how come one side gets to whine and the other doesn't?), this piques my interest, and I wonder if this is something to keep a weather eye on. (What news on that, 微软? It's still on the shopping list, isn't it?)

Good thing there's enough solid news to offset the fluff piece recommendations that swing between 'let go of other people's opinions' and 'think we, not me.' It fills the space between reruns featuring Mr. Pay-To-Pray himself.

* Upon further consideration, I feel I must offer an apology for linking those bailouts to the mocking of another person's accent. It was the incorrect sort of casual racism to attach to this situation.

(The person under discussion in this post immigrated here under the administration of an earlier occupant of the top seat, and yet he supports the incumbent. Thanks for the reminder of the time slot in which he arrived, but his choice of who to endorse is telling.)

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