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Watch it.

- At the moment, there isn't a transcript (got it) for the interview referred to in this headline, and I'm still looking for a video to check the time stamp for the quote the article uses; so although I'm inclined to feel as needled as this article is, it's too soon for me to do that. However, if it's this easy for someone within these borders who's watching for anything that can be used against a sitting politician (particularly one whose position is already shaky), then it'll be just as easy for someone elsewhere. (There was a vid with post-interview commentary that included the phrase "lowering the temperature," which stuck out for more than its physical timeliness.)

- Taking a moment to post this because in the interests of a fully informed citizenry, numbers can be checked and have a better shot at lower temps than letters in parentheses (not to mention much of the text in that document).

- Since I'm more inclined to view this talk as rhetoric on the same chilling theme, adding this article is a means to reduce any risk posed. Nothing personal on the risk mitigation front, I'm sure; there must be some understanding on the seeking of "sustained and stable development" within one's borders rather than outside them. (Though I wouldn't fault if a reader gave much of the preceding sentence a tone that alternates lower- and uppercase letters.)

- Adding: take what, exactly? The only D wanted here is double-checking.

- Ending with this because there is something more about those clouds after all.

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