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Hello, more reasons to not do pink!

Thanks to this article for pointing me to a side-by-side that shows why silence is unthinkable, and that despite all the droppings, Cable Opinion Network's still addicted to gaslighting - literally visibly playing with the lights. (C-SPAN's colors do stay the same throughout, CNN's do not. Tell me what lights you're under again?)

I thought for a moment that, since there was a separation between red and blue in the photos I'd seen, the set designers for this play had chosen to blend the two over the course of the speech in a sop to symbolizing unity. Shows how wrong I was for considering the benefit of the doubt, and yet I still consider that it might have been an attempt to cool down the figurative temperature for a not-a-unifier that wouldn't. (To restate, looks like the network itself recognized what was inflammatory in the pre-prepared speech Mr. Biden recited, and color-shifted the broadcast on the fly to compensate.)

This isn't in the past, it's current and continuing. What doors are left to open for a network that continues such an act?

Adding this because 咬紧牙关.

Adding this because a street-level view comes in handy.

Ending with this because still curious.

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