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Watching Choices

Oof, 他 的 头 是 什么? I know it's supposed to be a somber scene in 普通话 在 法国, but the hair's too funny for that. And 他做 什么 with that ceiling fan? That's the first clear example I've got of a person distinguishing between 您 and 你 in dialogue, as well as the first time I've seen and heard 妈妈吗 outside the Flash player. (Fun makes the lessons stick.) Eee! on a larger percentage of legible subtitles! 她们 两 是 母亲 吗? 他 的 母亲 和 她 的 母亲 吗? 他们 都 的 电话 有 一个 ringtone 吗? Hang on - 他们 都 的 电话 有 同 ringtone 吗? And I'm cheering for Brick Chick and Sneezles despite the 豺狼 政权.

What ought I to prioritize - experience in local government and in international diplomacy or some talking heads being as misogynistic as they decry their ideological opponents to be? I pity those swayed by such blatant spin. And speaking of age, Don - you want a nap or a bottle? - here's hoping Shady Pines does well on his test and returns to what he does best, if only for the remainder of his term of office. (How sad is it that the satire is that close to actual news?)

Adding this answer to a question I'd asked earlier on multiple forms of accessing content, and heads up for those with eyes on.

Acknowledging the keywords with the only way 匹夫 might become 父亲 is if 人人不看他们.

Ending with this because it's food and fascination.

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