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Language is a marvelous thing. I wonder what it says about the language I use around the house, knowing that there's only one word for "he" or "she," yet there are two that can be translated as "we."

I think I've been rather open about my thoughts on appeasement in relation to contemporary issues, but seeing these articles (looks like it's "we" unless it's 兄弟) drop into the feed reminds me that when such events affect daily life, one could do better than to use the term "looking back."

Huh. The phrase I attached to the politician in a cassock applies to both of the news articles. (I've already seen how it applies to 家人, but I don't mind reposting that issue to reinforce the association.)

- Adding this here because there's still a bit of sun, even now.

- Reminding myself of this association at The Junction.

- Ending with this because, sobering though the circumstances are, the people are still as funny as they are global; and this because when it comes to fruit, pineapples are plenty sunny.

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