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Weekend snippet

J'ai trouvé un autre différence entre les deux apps pour les langues - avec l'hibou, on pourrait changer le sequence de certaines mots, comme dans les questions (veux-tu/tu veux boire du thé?). Je n'ai trouvé rien comme ça dans les exercises dans l'autre. Vocab: 法国, 台湾.

Well enough certain that "铁证 兄弟" (accurate?) are informed of their neighbor's track record for 转变 and for 酒肉朋友, but I'll link to the articles anyway. (Huh - still there 微软 varies between keyboards; from what I'm hearing around here, I'm leaning toward the second variant in Keyboard 2 for the current administration.)

For a cohort to see someone they so lauded change his mind about his affiliation must be difficult, but the question here (and I'm mildly gratified to see it raised) is whether or not that cohort is seriously willing to ask themselves what about it he doesn't accept; I'm guessing such folk will find the question too much of an irritant to consider for long, lest it pop the bubble.

Ending with this because it might be a better fit than paracord.

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