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Well, isn't that just more of the same.

Grooming a replacement for something one can't control is an interesting strategy in statecraft, but when one's willing to go to any length to control the flow of all things, it shouldn't be a surprise that building a backup financial center is only natural in a place that's taken to bookburning (again) and government-mandated religious practice (again). Gentlemen vegetables and fangirls in clothing from a more respectful time (pff) are in no way a cover, but the softer side of this conflict, as I'm sure has been evident well before this post.

Good thing about having more than one source to point out problems, financial, ideological, or otherwise - where one stops, there's another to take a second look. So if one's certain in the belief that such things would have come to light** over time without outside input, there would be no need to grab for any soother or pacifier to ease the shame of what a concentrated, multi-pronged effort can do when it's made in a cause that ends up with such casualties.

**Come to the fore, I think, might be more accurate here.

*** Speaking of a waste, another story I had to leave the Recommendations to find is a reason to add 斯里兰卡 to a list of geographical locations. (How's it going with the IME, 微软? Still willing to be part of the softer side?)

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