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Well, that's a chuckle anyhow

To hear accusations of brinksmanship from a country that's been working on its half of a cold war for decades.

That foreign-to-你 documentary series is only the most recent attempt at a charm offensive that hits the wrong one out of two. The most notable segment to me will always be the one that features historical writings from a westerner, bemoaning an ancient example of the belligerence the country it features shows toward its neighbors today. Colorful cinematography might be more effective if it hadn't been accompanied by name-calling (still there, 微软) while engaging in conflict along a land border and in international waters. Those wolves display the sort of foreign policy that demands sanctions, not the lessening of them.

As fascinating as cultural exploration is, only wishful thinking would convince anyone that soft power is enough to counter the widespread recognition of the chip on that country's big red star-spangled shoulder. It's a relief to find, in the midst of puff pieces that masquerade as well-meant advice, reports on the initiatives being taken for increased self-reliance in the fields of technology and natural resources. If only such a spotlight were shone on the bad actors that flinch at threats, feed off bribery, and push for the sort of progress that furthers another country's interests at the expense of the well-being of their own nations.

On a side note, my thanks to he who took that swing at the tentacle beast. However, I'm guessing that that high score blinds him to the damage he's causing.

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