What d'you mean, no more?

Information is useful, and mid-yikes as I am from last night, I'd rather see these debates continue, both this election year and for future elections. Besides, hasn't there been news coverage on polls and campaign funding in the challenger's favor? If he's doing so well, why the eagerness to scrap the rest of these "quip contests?" (Yeah, I've heard that question asked on talk radio as well, and I think it's a worthwhile question to ask.) I also can't help but wonder if the phrase about quips has applied to these debates since the start.

I'm glad this recording is up so I can review my reactions to the debate. I responded more vehemently to the topics I focused on, less so to those I haven't followed as closely; and looking at other reaction pieces on both sides, the red and blue are evident in their choice of race relations or SCOTUS as a focus.

If antifa's merely an idea, it has enough violent adherents for me to question it. And if those in the challenger's party are going to be so childish as to celebrate a "shut up," it's a pleasure to have recorded proof of who started that interrupting mess. Although, the challenger did refer to himself in l'etat, c'est moi mode, so does that mean the challenger himself is childish?

My, it's like the puppet can't feel the strings.

(Speaking of childish, why is Luke such a brat?)

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