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What happened to ignoring?

It's difficult to shut something out when the argument draws more attention than the alternative, and even more difficult to enjoy different works when taking into account the opinions of those involved in making those works.

No wonder things sound so cyclical - to me, it used to be that news and entertainment reflected flaws from historical conditions, from books and documentaries and classroom lectures that collected millennia, centuries, decades worth of information. Now, they're echoing the same flaws made mere years to months to weeks ago. Newer technologies, different targets, but it certainly looks like the same muck being raked around.

I think the only difference I can find is the capacity to worry less about enjoying things like popcorn more often than I used to - putting up with the skin that gets stuck between the teeth and considering the bright side, that such a thing encourages flossing. Such things provide a better alternative to watching the degradation of once-admired institutions into a morass of infighting over what the current definition of wrongthink is, or for that matter, which hack gets to determine that definition, and to profit from it. (Watching this clown show with popcorn is also a thing, of course. With butter.)

Thanks to the wheel and the bright side for the reminder to continue to enjoy, among other things, mysteries (books, original series, and spin-offs) and comedies (don't know if condolences are welcome at this point, but they're there), and the odd pizza with pepperoni and cheese, and - well, not sports so much, but abs...

And this.

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