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What is seen

There's a part of combat training that involves messing with an opponent's perception, being able to see oneself while changing the opponent's perception or clouding it entirely. Yes, there are ways to do so on a physical level; of course there are ways to do the same using other means.

Amended to remind myself why I keep this wall.

- Moving past something must be tough when one can't move at all. (In the literal sense of move, this inventory issue has been around such a while. In the figurative sense, I've heard this POV from folks who used to have awards shows to attend.)

- Comments like these from those who tend to side with the current administration must be a difficult thing for such an administration to bear.

- Still having issues with workers, TB? What incentive is there to adapt to a culture that only changes its ads?

- My note on this article isn't expansive enough of a reminder to whether it's a reference to a mind of metal and wheels, 微软, or an implied question of who's really steering.

- Ending with this, where my note is enough to remind me about gravity and hidden worlds.

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