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What's on the syllabus this time?

Does this count as snowplow parenting? (I'm as certain about 爸爸's grasp on the rules as I am on his expertise on the project.) How frequently does this happen around students of any age, let alone primary schoolchildren? (Wonder what that does to the next generation.)

Looks like a shaky foundation on which to build.

It's one thing to have physical objects reflecting that shaky foundation, such as another recent example of unused construction projects and the related financing (this has a video link about the rural county, though it looks like a 404). It's quite another to watch another people's take on how to teach which lines are acceptable to blur in order to advance.

The blurring of lines here, in these examples from primary school to higher ed, seems to me oddly similar to Heloise de Villefort's parental instinct. The character's compulsion to ensure the welfare of her son at the expense of her stepdaughter's life feels like the compulsion behind these individual situations - advancing the interests of a country at the expense of relations within and without the country's borders.

This article has a word for it: ruthless. If they were using the carrot-and-stick approach, they've gone too far with the stick, and have less of a carrot than I once thought.

And if socialist education around here means reading a teen magazine article on Marx posted next to this week's horoscope, perhaps consider the advice given to those who tried to hex the moon - get back to research.

(Also - to a group whose values align with the financial bit of that carrot, there's a problem when an established figure refers to that group as fragile. For the sort who would rather respect for an actor in a cape over another who took up a uniform to face the risk of real danger, maybe this is entirely deserved.)

(Also also - that sword article from the rant above covered a second topic, namely anti-terrorism legislation. I've recently found that the updated legislation removed a penalty to officers who misused it. Time for paperwork.)

(Viewing oneself as standing on the right side of history when doing so involves outright IP theft and continued military aggression just might be on the same level as a crocodile calling itself a swan. Silly me - I nearly forgot to mention the financial extortion in with the IP theft.)*

*Correction - wrong sort of theft.

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