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What's the third way?

Once again, not quite study material, but there's more information from either side of the ideological divide that points to this action being a bad idea. More specifically, illegal and ineffective, and grounds for another round of headbutting. (Do I understand correctly that, while the arguments for canceling student loans are all centered around permitted modifications of HEROES, the way these modifications came about is too weakly supported to fit the criteria, and therefore illegal? Also, if everybody's footing the bill for a program, doesn't that mean the program's for everybody? Also also, PPP-PP.)

Mr. Biden, you're where you are in part because of a lie that others so obligingly buried on your behalf; so far during your time in that position, even events hyped as wins weaken rather than strengthen; and you're holding on to that position in part through a maneuver that amounts to breaking the law. Any streak of yours is due, not to luck, but to willful distortion.

Shifting oh-hoh, I have to add these because "all gas, no brakes" makes for an odd choice of words in an e-mail. (Also, isn't she meant to be on this playbook in the first place?)

Adding this because I'll take crudités over crudity any day.

Adding this because keep going.

Ending with this because eee, more owls!

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