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What to catch?

When it comes to this supplier of study material, I find documentaries and period dramas handier than its news, and those handier than its variety shows. It's the pacing of text and dialogue that make the difference - it's clearer to pick out 汉字 directly tied to one person's speech rather than to parse crosstalk that frequently isn't captioned (which is the case in more than one language, of course). Got to get a handle on this broadcast schedule.

An article I read earlier cautioned that one must not lie to oneself about the amount of support one has. (From things like repeatability, for instance.) I'd like to think that colorshifting is an encouraging sign that numbers are other than they've been presented - if a network still feels the need to play with perception, why keep it? - but one keeps at one's own risk a lighter estimate of anything one faces.

Adding this because at least two meanings of 'bracing' apply.

Ending with this because it's a curious multitasker.

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