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When the most important bit gets the briefest blurb

- Piling more weight on one's own head, that's one thing, but all that work toward a one-party situation sure looks like it's dragging everyone down at once.

- Sweeping up messes is why she's there, and this situation is certainly putting her through her paces. Meaning background checks should be universal (I won't argue the point there) but saying those checks weren't required, that shows that it helps to have a minder if one's going to stumble, physically or otherwise.

- When one 国 is making armed incursions into the waters and around the islands of others, those others don't need any outside influence to view the former as hostile. Worried about too many eyes 看 news on such aggression? Then let's have some more.

- Here's a glass raised to the woman who defines "谁怕谁?"

- I ought to change the title to something about 杯, oughtn't I? Not my 茶, not my platform; but for this issue, I'd be glad to add this 饮料 to the menu.

- Before I forget, have to add these articles as well. I also quite enjoyed this comic strip - once more do I raise a glass.

- Ending with these curiosities: when it comes to any geographical location named for or historically referring to sweet water, I'm curious whether it's just that the place is the nearest source of fresh water or if this chemical situation applies. This too, because I was wondering about that 'city above the clouds concept,' and about the lack of atmosphere on the neighbor opposite.

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