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Where 'green and growing' is the theme

From the more mundane 'bit far for melons' to the slightly more embarrassing 'what, like the Onion's the only one that can?' to the incorrect to the divisive, who exactly is meant to determine that "common set of facts" when even this small sampling counters this publication?

(I've not forgotten this attempt at erasure at another publication either.)

Speaking for myself, I've bounced between various sites and publications collecting these stories and numbers, whether they're in my news feed or not; though I wonder how many will say something similar to avoid the perception of being in such a bubble. The implication in the titles of several articles on this issue, considering the speaker is more likely to support one organization over the other, to me implies a more favorable view of the old newspaper over the broadcaster (check the 2017 quote here).

I see a person underestimating ideological opponents. I will, however, also say that if even an organization on the other side of the divide can see things "just a little cringeworthy," it might be a step in "the direction of addressing these challenges."

(Yep, this NSFW junction is still a fitting nickname, and this part of the post a fitting place for this writer's self-examination.)

- Comic Ivy.

- Despite the risks involved, I am glad to see this pushback. (Amended to add: if this is an effort at 嘱告, it sounds more like 重床叠屋. Also, still there, 微软.)

- Ending with this because it sounds like a good idea; considering the milkweed example, I wonder if they've considered incorporating goats into the plan somewhere - maybe grazers to control the height of these plants.

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