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Where's Stimpy?

Dude, "who's your friend?“ =/= 他是谁. Like I said, one needn't construct a lie when the truth is quite effective; though for a movie, which is entirely fiction, the construction is the point. (It's Southeast Asia, not Central America - 他们 不说 西班牙语.) However, even a lie can be enormously educational - in this case, I can compare what I hear to what I read to what I write and know that my understanding of this bit is solid at dialogue speed, even if the movie subtitles aren't. Constructing a lie, should the instructor choose to do so, is the instructor's problem. Learning from it is up to the student. Thank you for teaching.

我们 不要 认?识? xxx? xxx? Hang on - 要 法则? Pff - 吏僭 知道 豺狼政权 要 豺狼政权 的 怪念头 是 法. (Meph is funny - adding a breakdown of the 汉字 in the screenshots below.) And I have to add 她是女人, 不是奴婢. (Still there, 微软.) Also, application of reading material, but 加油 nevertheless.

Adding this to agree - stay on there, hypocrite, and keep exemplifying for my notebook:

- the stupidly performative in protesting White elitists (whoops, White supremacists) by choosing a Nazi-developed car brand and

- the dangerously partisan-not-patriotic by choosing a physically declining and mentally defective old White politician as head of state.

You voted for what you protested against, and yet you're blinkered to the results. (Hang on, let me fix something - since equality is so in demand, if Black, then White.) Hang on, let me fix something - voting for what you protested against is why you're blinkered to the results.

Adding images that cement my resolve to use multiple sources, Mephistopheles.

Adding this to wonder why they didn't start higher up.

Adding this to acknowledge the risks, and yet 加油.

Ending with this because wasn't there a movie with some kid who built this sorta bot? (Yep.)

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