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A good way to get one riled up is by refusing aid to those who ask for it, especially in this current circumstance. However, it wasn't so long ago that aid for vocab: 西藏 was added into the text for a domestic relief package (sometime around either a pound cake or - was it a comedy or an alien invasion?); so as much as I agree with those who are sending more help than I ever could, I can also agree with those who want to keep a closer eye on the help that is sent. (Nip a larger-scale version of this mess in the bud, as it were.)

Therefore, while I understand those who are in choler over this news (being one myself), it might also be fitting to mention "stop sneaking your domestic crap into the aid package."

Adding this article to highlight the continued effect of complicit silence. (Get it yet, fratello? Also, it's the first I've tried this clip maker function - chuffed with it, thanks, Meph.)

Adding these articles to showcase the difference in the doctors people choose to listen to.

Ending with this because it's a hoot.

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