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Which way are those steps going?

I'd like to think that humans have a better estimate on which way their leaders are going, but for one group at least, can that herder's path even be called a slog with that sort of movement? If the 兄弟 was trying to demonstrate that they're not 掠夺者, this isn't the way to do it. (Or these either [what a show of maturity /s], but those topics are a bit of a tangent in this post.) Considering so much relies on the internet, this kid may well deserve what he's received, but if this isn't a decision based on clicks, I'd be much obliged to see an example of what is. I'm also more concerned that there are people in the trenches, as it were, who are afraid to identify themselves for holding to what they're meant to believe because their keykeeper relies on idols to stay relevant.

Given this information, what I see looks more like a case of enough baby steps and back to napping.

And speaking of compromising stories to make a sale...

I'll end this bit with two articles that remind me to be grateful, come what may, for this sort of access to information. (Fascinating, and yet it feels a bit Big Brother to consider those reviews as a substitute or adjunct to contact tracing.)

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