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Who bad?

That which requires a shirt, post-haste. Oh my, that's neon pink. (An almost entirely serious thanks for the laugh.)

The most recent rerun has me wondering where that omni-directional treadmill's being used.

With a constituency (or is that audience?) that still has fences in mind, was it really a good idea to attempt this artifice? (Of course it wasn't an empty parking lot - it was a port of entry to the facility. Which looks rather like an empty parking lot.) That's the sort of thing that diminishes any awe I might have had for past accomplishments.

Adding this because (snicker) брат looks to be taking a cue from 兄弟. (Also, 涂饰's wearing.)

Ending with this because if one's to include other material in the feed, would drying and blitzing improve access to nutrients or just make it easier to get an easier-to-disperse texture?

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