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Who needs movies with all this projection?

In between recommendations that speak of failed marriages and ill-advised texts, I saw more reason to stay skeptical of polls. I've since seen recommendations on dog memes and the softening of tabloid language (dead comedian where art thou), but time has yet to erase the memory of a network keeping to its truth by eliminating a row of respondents in order to change a poll's results. If the intent of that network was to cure confirmation bias and draw viewers into agreement with their side - mmffmmsmwrafhmhmhsaf. (I have a mask. It's effective in keeping in the words that express just how ineffective I find that poll to be.)

However, maybe I should consider feeling pity for those who write of their losses, especially if they rely on this sort of newscasting. I don't know how to relate to someone else's heartbreak when it comes to dreaming of exes or men who won't leave their wives, but seeing in the feed this outpouring of sorrow and loss on top of the uncertainty that comes with dealing with the pandemic, plus the burden of bad information regarding an issue that affects both sides of the divide? Run, girl, run.

Instead of considering that whatever chooses these stories seems to be projecting their losses onto my situation, I should consider offering my sympathies instead.

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