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Who's working with whom?

It's a sobering sort of pleasure to read articles from those who can find more information than I can on certain matters.

I agree with this author's skepticism, and I find it a relief to come across such articles more frequently. When judgment based on photo ops and trends forms decisions that destroy so much, it's even more important to look past the cap-toothed showmen and question that judgment. (Really, with all the importance placed on nature and various anti-isms, why are these parts of history skipped in class?)

But I suppose it's some form of kindness for these folks to develop such close ties on either side of the Ring of Fire. If these groups are going to produce propaganda on whose direction is worth following, might as well share resources.

At some point, there's no longer a need to prove whose moves are ineffective, not when observation will suffice. However, since show business is meant to thrive on observation, perhaps it would also be a kindness to continue observing.

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