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Whoa, that's canon?

Of course it is - Nana Harley had to happen somehow.

Funny how the fictional characters here do better than their humans. (Over years, as it turns out.)

Don't talk like there's anything but a weak argument for wanting an abortion as easy as a nose job. Therapeutics aside, not requiring justification for one beyond keeping a figure or a part or the freedom to shop around lends credence to the argument that such decisions are selfish. It sounds plenty like 'don't want the kid, but nobody else can have the kid either.' Stop acting like giving people less chance than your lot gave livestock is doing anyone a favor - gross.

Once a person's a parent, it isn't just about you. Shut up. Sit down. You're clearly not the adults in this.

(The feed's got keyword 'disrespectful.' Wonder how much respect it calculates I've got remaining for what's left on screen. Keywords Science and Technology, Dube!)

Also, not cannon.

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